Affiliate Agreement

RevenueDealers (here and after “Affiliate Program”) is an Affiliate Program that provides means to monetize your traffic by routing by one of the partner brands listed under the program.

Listed below are complete Terms and Conditions that apply to all members of the Affiliate Program.

You accept, confirm that you fully understand and agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions by committing any of these actions:

  • By submitting a request to create an affiliate account through a sign-up form;
  • By using any of the marketing tools provided by the Affiliate Program;
  • By sending traffic through Affiliate Programs tracking links.

Affiliate Program may update below listed Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Upon such change all Affiliates are going to be notified via email. By continuing sending traffic after such update, you confirm that you are familiar and agree with it.

  1. Definitions
    1. “Brands” are products that are listed under Affiliate Program on partner basis. Affiliate program does not have any ownership over the listed brands.
    2. “Affiliate” is a registered partner of the Affiliate Program.
    3. “Referral code” is a special code dedicated to your Affiliate account, that is used to identify players that registered through your affiliate account.
    4. “Tracking link” is a special link dedicated to your Affiliate account that tags users that go through it with a Cookie and referral code.
    5. “Traffic” are all the visitors sent through your tracking links.
    6. “FTD” (First Time Depositor) is a player who has registered through your tracking link and has made his first deposit.
    7. “Commission” is a compensation that Affiliate receives for FTDs.
    8. “Revenue Share” is a type of commission structure. Revenue received from players registered through Affiliate’s tracking link is shared with an Affiliate.
    9. “CPA” (Cost Per Acquisition) is a type of commission structure. Affiliate receives certain fixed compensation for every FTD made from players registered through affiliate’s tracking link.
    10. “Hybrid” is a type of commission structure. Affiliate receives both share of the revenue made from players registered through Affiliate’s tracking link and fix compensation for every FTD.
    11. “Sub-affiliate fee” is a type of commission structure. Sub-affiliate receives certain percentage of commission generated by Affiliate registered under their sub-affiliate link.
    12. “Spam” is a prohibited type of traffic. It includes, but is not limited to: unsolicited emails, SMS, providing false or misleading information. It is strictly prohibited to send such traffic. Sending it will result in cancelation of the Affiliate Agreement and discontinuation of Affiliate account.
    13. “Fraudulent traffic” is a prohibited type of traffic. It includes, but is not limited to: money-making traffic, motivated traffic, traffic generated through hacking of websites/social accounts/emails, any kind of advertising that hurts brands listed under the Affiliate Program or Affiliate program itself.
  2. Marketing Activities.
    1. Any kind of costs and expenses associated with advertising activities is Affiliates solely responsibility. Affiliate Program is not liable to any expenses associated with generating traffic by the Affiliate.
    2. An Affiliate must send traffic only through the tracking link associated with the Affiliate account. Any traffic loss that occurred due to mis-use of the link, use of incorrect link or use of direct link that does not contain the necessary tracking parameters is irreversible.
    3. Any time you generate new tracking link it is your responsibility to check that it works correctly and tracks traffic that goes through it. Should you have any concerns about it – please contact your Affiliate Manager.
    4. It is paramount that you provide valid and correct contact and personal information while creating your Affiliate Account. This information is not to be shared with any 3rd parties, but only for contact purposes with your Affiliate Manager.
    5. Affiliate Program may require KYC procedure for AML purposes. The Affiliate Program may withhold the commissions in case identity of the Affiliate account cannot be confirmed
    6. Affiliate must not register and/or make real money deposits under the tracking link associated with their Affiliate Account.
  3. Report on Marketing Activities
    1. At any time an Affiliate can check the reports on the activity of the traffic sent through their tracking links by accessing Affiliate Programs reporting system.
    2. Reports contain number of players, FTDs and commission credited to Affiliate Account since the moment of registration.
    3. An Affiliate may pull this data by the mean of postback setup to any other compatible reporting system of their choice. Data displayed in report at Affiliate Programs online software is considered to be predominant in an event of dispute.
  4. Affiliate Commission
    1. An Affiliate receives commission according to the commission structure assigned to their account.
    2. Revenue Share. An Affiliate will receive a share of Net Gaming Revenue generated by the players that registered through Affiliate’s tracking link. A percentage of share is agreed and set between an Affiliate and their Affiliate Manager. It is active from the moment of assignment of the deal to your account. Any deal changes will affect only the players that registered after them.
    3. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). An Affiliate receives a fixed amount of commission for every FTD that was made by players who have registered through their tracking link. A CPA deal may have certain conditions connected, such as: re-deposit ratio, wagering requirement, deposits baseline. All such conditions to be discussed with your Affiliate Manager.
    4. Hybrid. An Affiliate receives both a share of Net Gaming Revenue generated by the players that registered through Affiliate’s tracking link and a fixed amount of commission for every FTD.
    5. Sub-Affiliate fee. Sub-Affiliate receives commission based on the performance of Affiliates that have registered through their sub-affiliate link. Exact details of the deal depend on Sub-Affiliate agreement with their Affiliate Manager. The same person or entity cannot be an simultaneously an Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate connected between each other by Sub-Affiliate commission structure, all commissions generated in such scenario will be withheld.
    6. Other Deals. There are other types of deals available for Affiliates. Conditions of such deals need to be discussed with your Affiliate Manager.
    7. All refunds and chargebacks made by players referred by the Affiliate are to be withheld from the Affiliate commission.
    8. All fraudulent traffic is not subject to Affiliate commission. All commissions credited to such traffic would be withheld and the losses brought by it may be passed on to the Affiliate.
    9. Negative Carry-over. Affiliate Program does not feature negative carry-over.
  5. Payments.
    1. In order to receive a payment, an Affiliate needs to submit their payment details to the Affiliate Account and confirm them with their Affiliate Manager.
    2. All payment requests need to be submitted before the 5th of the new month.
    3. All payments are executed within up to 10 business days from the submission date.
    4. All fees that come with a certain payment method are to be deducted from the payment.
    5. The minimum threshold required to issue a payment is 200 USD.
  6. Termination.
    1. The Affiliate Agreement represented in this Terms and Conditions takes an immediate effect upon Affiliate Account creation.
    2. The contract between the parties is ongoing, but can be terminated by either party at any time with a written notice.
    3. The Affiliate Program reserves the right to terminate the Agreement with an immediate effect with cancelation of all the tracking links and withholding the commissions shall a severe violation of this Terms and Conditions occurred.
    4. In an event of affiliate account being under investigation, the payment may be delayed or canceled depending on the outcome of the investigation. Valid grounding should be provided for such cancelation.
  7. Obligations.
    1. The Affiliate Program representatives will do their utmost in order to help Affiliate with any requests they have and to provide all the assistance required to run marketing activities.
    2. The Affiliate will do their utmost to prevent fraudulent/spam/incentivized traffic to be sent through their tracking links.